Paul Capelli

Somewhat of a child prodigy, Paul began his musical career at a very young age, and this path was only briefly interrupted when it was discovered that he was also a promising young footballer.

Rashly believing that musicians had all the fun, he finally hung up his boots to concentrate on his hands, rather than his feet.

As well as the keyboards, Paul is also a talented guitarist and vocalist, and has performed with many well known artists, including 80's icons The Jam and super-songwriter Paul Weller.

Paul has also led a slightly secret life as an actor, appearing in Eastenders, The Bill, and Only Fools And Horses, to name but a few.

Still in much demand as a session player, Paul can be found on several recent CD offerings from indie bands in need of a great Hammond Organ solo. He also writes and records his own material, recently providing a selection of music for Channel 4.

Paul has known Mark from their touring days in the 80's, when Paul was one half of a very popular duo in the South East. A chance meeting with Mark and Deanne back in 1994, led to the trio travelling to the Middle East, where Baby Go Boom was formed.

As both a player and a singer, Paul is a 'tour de force' on stage, and seems to have six pairs of hands. If he'd have had six pairs of feet, he may have stuck to football!

Paul is also now a qualified, and highly popular, Yoga Instructor, and now balances the hectic life-on-the-road alongside this most peaceful of pursuits. As he is now very bendy, he's also handy to look for hidden plug sockets!