Deanne Blazey

Deanne has been performing professionally since the age of 10, and scored early success in the 1980's with a major recording contract with Warner Brothers, and becoming a regular part of the TISWAS team alongside Chris Tarrant.

Featuring heavily on the ITV 1980's revival of the 50's rock & roll show "Jack Good's Oh Boy!", some Saturday TV scheduling seemed to be dominated by the still teenage performer, as she would appear live on TISWAS in the morning, and again in the evening on 'Oh Boy!'.

When her first single was released in September 1980, TV promotions meant that she would sometimes pop up on afternoon scheduling too! ....And she was still at school!!!

From then on, Deanne has worked consistently in the music industry, in various bands, and also as a solo artist, both as a performer, and also as a writer. Performing has taken her worldwide, including the USA and the Middle East, punctuated by a stint in London's West End, a brief Eurovision Song Contest experience, and an even briefer spell as a temporary half of 80's pop duo Dollar!

In the 90's, Deanne performed alongside Paul Young and George Michael at the latter's 30th Birthday party, and also worked on original material with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet.

Deanne's distinctive voice and her versatile 4 ½ octave range has also been heard over the years on both Television and Radio worldwide, whether it be as a featured guest vocalist on a trendy club anthem, cat food commercial, or radio 'jingle'.

In fact, her gutsy vocal performance on a popular African anti-malaria tablet campaign is almost an industry classic!

Deanne also plays guitar, saxophone and keyboards, playing all for several years in the touring band for comedian Brian Conley. However, music theory is her 'thing', and she will 'have a bash' at playing just about anything. Over the last few years, she has even been called upon to play both violin and cello for various studio recordings....but never at the same time!

Along with a her longtime writing partner, Deanne enjoys spending time composing original material for other artists. Major publishing companies in Los Angeles have already signed many of their songs. They also compose for music libraries, and corporate clients, almost exclusively for the US market. With her own state-of-the-art recording studio, she also enjoys all aspects of remixing, mastering, and post-production opportunities that come along. This usually means being able to work whilst still in her pyjamas! Perfect.